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Most coveted destination in the Lagos Region, Búzios goes beyond  natural beauties, worthy of a postcard. Included in the map of the international jet set in the 60s, after a visit by the French actress  Brigitte Bardot, the old fishing village houses sophisticated restaurants and inns, trendy nightclubs and bars and a trade full of designer stores.


Small and hidden, it is about a ten-minute walk from the Center (Beach of Bones), and is also accessible by water taxi. The calm and crystal clear waters are perfect for bathing. Azeda has no bar infrastructure, but stalls offer drinks on weekends and in high season.


Extensive and dotted with tents, it is a meeting point for young people and surfers, especially in the right corner. The flirting rolls around in the late afternoon at the Fishbone bar, which is full on holidays and high season. For those traveling with the little ones or wanting to escape the hustle and bustle, the tip is to set up a tent in the left corner, with calmer seas, stand-up paddle board rentals and surf schools.


The small cove surrounded by mountains has calm waters and fine sand. Access is easy from Geribá. It's worth getting there early to secure a spot and take pictures of the untouched landscape.

João Fernandes 

Surrounded by inns, the beach is always busy due to the good structure of restaurants mounted on decks. The captive public is made up of foreigners - mostly Argentines - who find lounge chairs there.  scattered in bars and on the sand.

Ferradura Beach 

A favorite beach for families with children, Ferradura is extensive, with calm seas, white sands and rustic kiosks. The cold waters don't stop the group from enjoying the banana boat rides and windsurfing and skiing lessons.


Extensive and close to the Center, it offers a landscape surrounded by forest, natural pools and infrastructure of tents. The sun sets there, ensuring you enjoy your tan until sunset.


Big and with strong waves, it is frequented by surfers. Those who prefer not to face the formations can find beach clubs on the top of the cliff, with sun loungers, umbrellas and bars that serve drinks, champagne and enhanced snacks.

Rua das Pedras 

An icon of Búzios, Rua das Pedras is the portrait of the resort's glamor. With just over 600 meters in length, the walkway is surrounded by charm on all sides. The movement is minimal during the day, but when night falls and the yellow lighting takes over the street, the buzz invades every space. 

Night life 

Rua das Pedras is no longer exclusive when it comes to nightlife. Its continuation, Orla Bardot, gained bars, restaurants and nightclubs, stretching the movement along Armação beach. The movement on both sides is intense, but only after one in the morning.

Radical Park 

In addition to the extreme activities (bungee trampoline, zip-line, tree climbing, climbing, trampoline, waterball and aquaboat), the park also offers an exclusive Mini Bugyy Off Road track for the little ones, who can find a complete circuit there. And there is also the popular and pioneering Kart Track, Paintball, bowling, 6D cinema, games and target shooting.

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