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Cycling tourism is a very economical and ecological way of thinking about tourism.

If you like to discover new places and are a nature lover, cycle tourism will cover everything you love most and bring a new concept.  Also, this activity does not depend on any specific experience like cycling, you just need to know how to ride a bike.

Cycle tourism allows you to observe nature and tourist attractions from a perspective that few tourists think of contemplating.. An activity that helps in weight loss, improves physical conditioning and increases daily disposition.

Grupo de ciclistas de montanha


Cycling tourism can be practiced in Cabo Frio, Arraial do Cabo and Búzios, or in all cities.


The trails can be done in the urban area and in the green areas of the city, we pass by beaches, lagoons, sandbanks, dunes and trails with beautiful views of the Parque Costa do Sol environmental preservation areas.

The route of the tour, in each city, can vary from 50 to 140 kilometers and the duration between 3h50min to 8h.

The tour includes some small walking routes to contemplate the landscapes in the most beautiful viewpoints in the city, such as Mirante do Arpoador, Mirante do Farol da Lajinha and Mirante da Praia das Conhas.


During the activity it is still possible to choose one of the beaches to spend time enjoying nature.

The event, depending on the number of participants, includes a support car or van, first aid kit, scouting guides, juices, water and natural sandwiches.

common questions

Where do we practice the activity?

Cabo Frio, Arraial, Buzios

When can we practice?

Any day and time.

How much time of activity?

From 3 to 8 hours.

What clothes should I wear?

Light clothing and sneakers or cycling gear for intermediate to advanced activities.

Option to supply custom sportswear with your company's brand.

do you have a minimum group?

3 people

Do you have a minimum age?

From 10 years.

What is the activity level?

From beginner to professional.

Equipment included:

Bicycle rim 29. The helmet can be included in the package.


Guides and professionals specialized in the activity.

what are the attractions?

Route to get to know the national attractions of cities passing through urban areas, sandbanks, lagoons, and beaches.

what are the benefits?

Improves muscle conditioning and strengthening, stretching and weight loss,

what are the visiting points?

Praia da Palmeiras, Ilha do Japonês, Praia do Forte, Nudist Beach, Praia Brava, Ilha dos Anjos, Fallen Angel, Praia das Conchas, Praia do Peró, Morro da Guia.

Bicicleta na praia


A tour package with outdoor activities can be composed of one or more sports or leisure activities.

If you are an agency and intend to be a partner,  get in touch .

cycle tourism
With or without the provision of bicycle and helmet.

Hotel, inn or hostel.

Simple or continental coffee.

Lunch, dinner, low carb, barbecue, feijoada, paeja.

Displacement between accommodation and activities.

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