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Cable camp

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Arraial do Cabo brings together some of the most beautiful features of the Brazilian coast, such as white sand dunes, restinga vegetation, lagoons and beaches with crystal clear sea, in addition to cliffs that work as viewpoints to enjoy all this.

Farol Beach 

Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, it is located on Cabo Frio Island and is only accessible by boat. The journey takes 40 minutes. It is not allowed to do the trails that lead to the lighthouses without authorization and monitoring by the Navy. To get to know them, it is necessary to make visits coordinated by the Navy.

Pontal da Atalaia 

Also known as "Prainhas", it is divided into two, separated by rocks (at high tide, it becomes one). To get to the calm, transparent and perfect waters for bathing, you have to face a wooden staircase with 255 steps, which leaves from Morro do Atalaia. The view is enchanting, revealing Farol Island. Due to the cliffs and transparent waters, it is perfect for diving, being a stopping point for boat trips. It is four kilometers from the Center.

Big beach

Oceanic, the beach has strong waves that attract surfers and water sports fans. In the left corner is urbanized, with kiosks and restaurants by the sea. The frame is formed by dunes of white and very fine sand, covered by coastal vegetation. Here, the sunset is also worthy of applause. It is three kilometers from the Center.


A deactivated guardhouse, shortly after the entrance portico of Arraial, is the reference to reach the beach - from there, a dirt road with 1 km leads to the sand. Extensive and good for walking, it is worth it for those looking for peace and a calm sea for children. The tents are in the right corner. It is four kilometers from the Center. 

Forno Beach 

Located in a cove, Praia do Forno is only accessible by boat or 30-minute trail. In addition to the preserved forest, clear waters and corals, it also houses a floating restaurant specializing in oysters and shellfish. It is 1.5 km from the Center.

Praia dos Anjos 

It is the starting point for boats and fishing. It is one kilometer from the Center. 


A favorite of surfers and almost deserted, Praia Brava has strong waves and is not suitable for bathing. Go at low tide. Access is via the Atalaia hill, by an easy trail of about 15 minutes. It is four kilometers from the Center.

little beach

One of the most frequented and central in the region, Prainha is urbanized, has kiosks and calm waters. A trail leads to Graçainha beach, with only 15 meters. Nearby is Saco do Cherne, a point for diving.

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